Family Domestics



If you or your significant other are having a problem with substance abuse, making ends meet financially, or simply need religious assistance, a good place to start looking for help is a local church group that is accustomed to helping others in time of need.  


Most marital issues stem from infidelity, finances, or alcohol / drug issues.

  MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUSThis is a great video for couples.  It explains the nature of men and women for both to understand.  Ever wonder why your female significant other is so indecisive?  Ever wonder why your male significant other has tunnel vision and doesn’t seem to listen to you?  Click the link above and you will find just one of the many online stores that sell this video (book form also available across the net to include www.Amazon.com).

  Avoid excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.  Most everyone likes a drink from time to time, but alcoholic beverages are “liquid courage” and will tend to dull your senses leaving you to feel free to say things you normally wouldn’t.  This causes a lot of problems, as most times when a significant other goes to jail due to Family Violence, alcoholic beverages is one of the biggest contributing factors.

  Finances – finances are one of the biggest relationship breakers there is.  Yes, we all want the best cars, homes, and toys we can get; however, we all have to be realistic.  As they say, “Pay your dues”.  Ensure you save some money so that you don’t become overloaded in debt to where you live paycheck to paycheck.  It is better to have little and be able to afford to do things, than to have everything you want and be working night and day where you can’t enjoy them.

  If you are going to talk about a subject that has the potential to become heated, try getting your significant other to go for a walk, go to a park, or somewhere else public where you know you won’t be drinking alcoholic beverages, won’t have access to weapons, and won’t act out by yelling/cursing/etcetera.



Often times, former significant others with children tend to inadvertently put their children in a “tug of war”.  Although your relationship might not have worked out the way you hoped, nothing says you can’t remain friends or friendly for the better of the children.  Many relationships that don’t work are simply because the two parties are simply “incompatible” in a permanent relationship.  Remember, a child always needs a mother and father as both parties have a lot to teach a child, for example:

  Mothers tend to give more love and attention.  They can teach how to clean, cook, participate with others in family events, and much more

  Fathers tend to give not only the sternness that keeps a child’s behavior in-line (so to speak), but also can teach how to build things, work on cars/trucks, and much more as well.



Parents, you are the “ruling authority” in your home.

  Do not shake infants and toddlers.  This can lead to serious injury of a child and or death, also known as “shaking baby syndrome”.  It is the nature of a baby to cry when it is hungry, soiled its diaper, when it’s tired, and more.  If you are becoming aggravated with a child crying all the time, seek assistance from a friend, family member, or medical professional whenever needed.

  You can discipline your children as you deem fit; however, you need to be able to justify your actions to a group of your peers should law enforcement be asked to intervene.  According to law, a parent may discipline a child but cannot cause serious bodily injury or death (for example: broken bones, permanent injuries or loss of life).

  A child cannot ‘strike’ a parent or damage his or her parent’s property.  If they do, this is considered assault and criminal mischief.  A child starting at the age of 10 can be held accountable for their actions.  If this occurs, please contact law enforcement if you need their assistance. 

  A child under the age of 17 cannot simply leave the home because he or she wants to.  If you have a child that is doing this, you can report the child as a ‘runaway’.  An individual that allows a runaway to reside in their home and fails to notify law enforcement can be charged with Harboring A Runaway. (NOTE) A child that is 17 would be filed as a missing child, not a runaway.


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