Everyday Driving


State law requires a driver to carry his/her valid driver’s license and proof of valid insurance at any time they are operating a motor vehicle


Reckless Driving and Street Racing

Both of these items of discussion are against the law and can receive punishments up to 1 year in jail.  For more information, view the reckless driving/street-racing page.

Safe Driving Tips in Regards to Other Vehicles

When turning right, you must turn into the lane closest to you if you are turning right onto a road that has two lanes for travel in the same direction.  If you turn into the second lane, you can cause and accident and possibly receive a citation for wide-right turn.

When approaching an intersection, slow down and ensure the intersection is safe to enter.  If the light is red, you must stop with the front edge of your vehicle behind the white line on the road.  If no line is present, you must stop before you enter the intersection.  If you are stopped at the light and it turns green, you must ensure the intersection is clear of vehicular traffic before you enter the intersection.

Signal at least 100 feet prior to making a turn.  Not only is it the law, but also this will prevent someone from running into you as you slow down.

Ensure your lighting equipment is always operative.  You must display two headlights (not fog lights) to the front, two taillights to the rear, and two brake lights to the rear.

Do not stop your vehicle to where it blocks a roadway, a private drive, or an intersection.  This will not only get you a citation as this is an offense, but it also congests traffic and irritates other drivers.

When backing a vehicle, always ensure that there are no other vehicles behind you or approaching.  Slowly back the vehicle while clearing all your blind spots and looking over both

SLOW DOWN.  The speed limit signs you see are called the Prima Facia limit.  This is the safest speed for vehicle travel based on accident reports, citations issued, and other statistical data that is compiled by the Department of Public Safety.  If you exceed the speed limit, not only can you receive a citation but also you are taking your life and everyone else’s lives into your own hands.  If a person is killed because of your driving, you can possibly go to prison for a felony homicide.

Do not “cut vehicles off”.  If you cannot make your turn or safely proceed to the exit ramp you are wanting, go to the next one and turn around.

Do not tailgate other vehicles.  State law requires a two-second following distance.  If someone is tailgating you, do not slam on the brakes or take other aggressive action, as this tends to lead to road rage.  Remember, you do not know if that is an honest citizen just driving to close or a criminal who is illegally carrying a gun.



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